What You MUST Publish On Your Website

 Contact Details
The name, postal address and telephone number(s) of the school, and the names of relevant contacts to whom enquiries should be addressed.
 Pupil Premium
Information about your Pupil Premium allocation and how you plan to spend it in the current year. You should also state how you spent the previous year’s allocation and the impact it had on the educational attainment of those pupils for whom it was allocated.
 Sports Premium
Details of your allocation for the current year and how you intend to spend it. How you spent your previous year’s allocation and the impact on pupils’ PE and sports participation and attainment.
 Ofsted
A copy of, or link to, your school’s most recent Ofsted report.
 Curriculum
Information about your school’s curriculum in relation to each academic year, the content of the curriculum for each subject and details on how additional information relating to the curriculum may be obtained. You should include your phonic and reading schemes in operation for Key Stage 1.
 Admissions
Either: The determined admission arrangements for the school in relation to each relevant age group at the school, including any arrangements for selection, any oversubscription criteria and an explanation of the process for applying for a school place;
Or: Information about where parents can find out more about your school’s admissions arrangements through the local authority.
 Policies
Your school’s policies in relation to:
a) Behaviour (discipline, exclusions and anti-bullying)
b) Charging and remissions (details of the activities for which your school will charge pupils’ parents or guardians, and the circumstances in which your school will make exceptions to these charges)
c) SEN and disability provision (including admission arrangements, preventative steps taken to ensure SEN pupils are not treated less favourably than other pupils, access to facilities and the Accessibility Plan)
 Assessment Results
You must include the following details from your school’s most recent KS2 results:
a) % achieving Level 4 or above in reading, writing and maths
b) % who have improved by two or more levels in reading, writing and maths between KS1 and KS2
c) % achieving Level 5 or above in reading and writing
d) % achieving Level 5 or above in maths
 Department for Education School Performance Tables
You must include a link to the DfE School Performance Tables website.
 School Values
A statement outlining your school’s ethos and values.

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