School Website Best Practice

As well as the Must Publish details, many of the best school websites also contain information on the following.

 Information about the Local Education Authority
Details of the Local Education Authority that the school is governed by with their full contact details (if applicable).
 Classification of the school
Whether the school is a Primary, Infant, Junior, Community, Middle, Foundation, Free, VC, VA or Academy School etc. | Co-educational or single sex | Day or boarding | Any selective admission arrangements | Any faith character | Any specialist status.
 Staff List
Staff names, photos, job titles and associated year groups or key stages.
 Number of Pupils
By age and/or year group.
 School Lunches
Menu and typical cost of lunches, including how to pay.
 Homework Policy
How much homework is typically expected to be completed by each year group per week.
 Map
A map of where your school is, including directions, details of access and parking.
 Travel Information
For example, school buses put on by the Local Education Authority or private providers and who to contact to arrange travel.
 Search Function
Such as Google Search to help visitors find what they are looking for quickly and easily.
 Scrolling Banner
To draw attention to latest important news such as school closures.
 Newsletters
PDFs of newsletters and any other printed documents that are sent home to parents.
 Timetable
A timetable of a typical school day or week.
 Term Dates
Including Inset days.
 Calendar Dates
Any dates that may be useful for parents, such as PTA meetings, school trips, book week etc.
 Uniform Details
For each year group (if applicable) and where to buy uniform including any school shop opening times.
 Clubs
Extra-curricular clubs and activities available for each year group.
 Wraparound Care
Details of before and after school clubs with contact details.
 PTA / Governor Details
Details of the PTA and Governors, including contact information for the Chairs and meeting agendas and minutes if applicable.
 Complaints Procedure
Details of the school’s complaints procedure and the number of complaints registered under the formal procedure during the preceding school year.
 Additional Curriculum Information
The school’s curriculum in relation to PSHE and teaching British values.
 Links to any further information about the school
Any links to other websites which may be of interest to parents such as news stories about the school in the local media.
 How often should I update the website?
Guidelines state that changes regarding admissions information should be updated no less than six weeks before admissions closing dates. We recommend you check that other information is up to date at least every term.

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